Faroe Islands Cottage - part of the visit Faroe Islands Tourism Board photography portfolio by Amelia Le Brun


Amelia provided some updated photographs for the Visit Faroe Islands Tourism Board.

She was amazed by the ‘other-worldly’ landscapes and particularly beautiful coastlines.

Visit Faroe Islands Tourism Board

The Faroe Islands were like no other place I had been before, yet they felt strangely familiar. The stunning rugged coastlines and dramatic waterfalls reminded me of Iceland, yet the rolling hills and vast open spaces felt like returning to Scotland. The Faroe Islands must be Europe’s best kept secret, relatively unexplored and truly unspoiled. It was an incredible to experience the Islands in collaboration with Visit Faroe Islands Tourism Board.

The five days of my solo trip flew by as I spent every waking hour, hiking, driving and taking photos at every turn. With a base in the stunning Hotel Foroyar I was perfectly located to make the most of this amazing country. The islands are full of a magic that is inexplicable, the landscapes are so incredibly diverse and drenched in history and traditions. They just have to be experienced in order to really be believed!

The Foroe’s volcanic islands produced yet more beauty, with vast treeless landscapes, thundering waterfalls falling into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and the most picturesque villages nestled in valleys along vast stretches of single track roads. Sitting far into the north Atlantic the islands feel like entering a secret escape, a world unknown to many. The first glimpse of these islands after nothing but ocean for the majority of the flight is a thrilling experience and one I could do over and over again and never lose my sense of awe.


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