Amelia Le Brun

Born in Germany, raised in Jamaica, I am a landscape and lifestyle photographer.

Currently based in Northumberland, in the UK, my photography has taken me worldwide on assignments for various outdoor companies and Tourism Boards. I have been involved in shoots for fashion, tourism, hotels and lifestyle in countries as varied as Canada, Iceland, Lord Howe Island, The Faroe Islands, Scotland and the US, as well as closer to home.

I am always eager to work with companies who share my values. When travelling, I strive to visit both hidden gems and those locations more accessible and well known to the masses.

I believe that people will always be able to relate to those individuals who are open and approachable, which will always be the way I live and work.

I am available to work on almost any project within the UK and abroad at reasonable notice. I would love to hear from you and become a partner in your plans.

Call or email me for details or to discuss your latest project.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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