Eagle Brae is the stuff that dreams are made of. A series of grass roofed log cabins nestled up a dirt track with only wild deer for company.

Mike and Pawana were kind enough to have us and our dogs to stay for the most magical few days I have had for a while. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have trouble sitting still, and the idea of spending four days without leaving the cabin is absolutely unheard of, I just can’t do it. Or so I thought… for the first time in my adult life I sat still, I was truly present and mindful of how incredibly peaceful life can be. Without the usual pull of hiking out for sunrises, or leaving the house in search of photos and a change of scene I learnt the beauty of being present, mindful and content with what was in front of me.

We were blessed with an unseasonably warm Scottish summer and spent the days lounging on the decking, reading and drinking cans of cold cider. As the nights drew in and the temperature dropped we lit the fire, snuggled on the sofa and watched chick flicks.

Our phones were left inside and unnoticed as we chased the dogs around the estate, spotted deer grazing in front of empty cabins and listened in awe to the pure peace and silence.

Eagle Brae has the amazing ability to make you forget the outside world, to truly embrace nothing but the simple everyday, cosying up on the sofa, hot coffee and your favourite music drifting outside.


We will be back.