I am always on the look out for the newest and most innovative outdoor products. As I am transitioning into van life, portability and functionality are key, things and gear have to earn their place in my van, well everything except my dog (although she isn’t the most useful creature!!). Since going full time freelance I have been lucky enough to test out a lot of Adventure and outdoors based products. From Foldable Kayaks, to stoves that actually charge your device while alight. However, few of these are really as practical and easy to assemble or use than advertised.

When the lovely people over at Anevay Stoves reached out and explained their mission and their products I was intrigued. A range of stoves made for camp sites, Vans and Yurts, well lets say my interest was definitely piqued. Advertised as easy to light, very portable and with the added bonus of doubling up as a cooker. Add in that they are a British brand based in Cornwall and that everything is made and tested on site, well these are my kind of people.

And so the stove arrived, I couldn’t quite believe how compact the box was, I unpacked it in a state of high excitement, eager to test it out for myself. The perfect time soon arose, I was to head down to Devon to spend the weekend with family. We chose a cool, blustery evening to head down to my favourite cliffs and set up the stove. The reality of carrying a stove along the cliff tops should have been cumbersome and tiring. But due to the fact that the Frontier’s legs fold in and are secured with pins, and each section of the flue dismantles and fits inside the stove, so using the carry handle on the side of the stove it couldn’t have been easier. Setting up the stove took only a minute or two, and lighting it proved just as easy as advertised. Needless to say, I was impressed. Cut to a few hours later, the fire dwindling and the light fading, it was time to head back. Packing up took a while longer, we waited for the stove to cool- thanks to the wind this didn’t take too too long. We then dismantled the flue, there is a knack to putting the flue sections back in the stove in the correct order which I am still mastering, after I had worked out the right way we headed back along the cliffs to home.

Since then I have used my stove at camp with my van, in the garden with my family and everywhere in between. It has been an object of intrigue and slight jealousy by my friends and family and has cooked some of the best eggs I have ever eaten.

Having been on the hunt for the perfect stove, I think I’ve found it. Come winter this will be having a permanent place in my van, brewing coffee and making breakfast in the mornings, and keeping me toasty when the sun goes down.

Paid Partnership with Anevay Stoves. All opinions in this post are my own, use the code: ‘amslebrun’ for 10% off your next order